2019 Goals – A Year In Review

I can’t quite believe that we are hours away from not only being in a New Year but also a new decade! At the start of the year |I set some 2019 goals and thought it only fair I update you all on whether they were achieved or not!

Lose weight

Well this was a goal that definitely did not happen. I joined Weight Watchers TWICE this year as well as even trying Slimming World again at the start of the year but only went once. Paid monthly for months without ever actually doing it. The pounds I wasted paying out just transferred into lb in weight haha. I am probably back at my heaviest, I feel so blah and have been in an uncontrollable state around food for the last few months even though I feel so unhappy with my weight. The intention is there however the motivation is not. January will be time to knuckle down, need to get in the swing of healthy eating again. 

Blog More

Blogging varied throughout the year and I didn’t manage to stick to posting twice a week. However, the last four months have been thoroughly consistent and my blog views and visitors have increased each month! Plus a number of my posts, such as Peppa Pig Live Review, Brighton Upside Down House & It’s OK not to be OK have been first page hits on Google which is amazing! My advent calendar unboxings also were a huge hit throughout November and December too.

Read More

I read some amazing books at the start of the year, one of which was Adam Kay’s ‘This is Going to Hurt’, it was absolutely hilarious! Unfortunately I didn’t read as much as I had liked this year (I don’t think I’ve read anything since March/April)! Time just got away from me and I had no spare time to read. I even bought myself a brand new kindle as well. There are a number of books on my list to read so I’m hopeful I’ll get a chance to stick my head into a book soon. 


We packed in so much this year I don’t know how we will top it next year! I did a Summer Days Out series where we visited Peppa Pig World, Chessington World of Adventures etc. We were also lucky enough to attend some amazing PR events this year which included ice skating with the skaters from Disney on Ice and meeting Mickey Mouse, Superhero Training with Marvel and a spooktacular Halloween party with Schuh where Mila got to get up close with creepy crawlies. Got our money’s worth from our Railcard that’s for sure. Check out all of our adventures from the year over on my instagram page (@holliecagney).

Build my Business

Business was booming all year and we were definitely on the right track for me being able to do it full-time come September 2020. However we sadly had our Instagram page shut down at almost 20k followers in October and had to start again. With Instagram being our main source of promotion, sales dropped massively and so did both mine and my sisters motivation for the shop. I want to get back into it and get that fire back for creating items and designs, but after two years of hard work and going from almost 20,000 followers to 500 it’s so disheartening and frustrating. Help build our page back up by giving us a follow (@infinitykids.uk).

Buy a Car

YES! Yes I did. I bought a car in August after 4 years of not having one. I had been putting money aside each week and one popped up on a local selling page. I sent it to my mum and sister to see if it looked okay and they surprised me by going to pick it up whilst I was at work the next day. I had no idea and turned up to my mums that evening and saw it on the drive, immediately burst into tears obv! It’s not perfect and I plan on getting a better one next year hopefully, but it gets me from A to B and it’s made such a huge difference to mine and the kids lives. Even over the Christmas period just being able to get in the car and pop out instead of going stir crazy at home or having to use public transport with their reduced services. Nursery run when it’s raining has also been a game changer!

Family Holiday Abroad

Not even close and I knew that it was a long shot of it happening. We did our annual long weekend to Butlins which we loved and had amazing weather for but that’s about as ‘holiday’ as we got. I am going to Ibiza next year which I can’t wait for but a family holiday is 100% on the cards at some point next year.

In conclusion, I think I did pretty well with my goals. Some of the goals I set I never thought I would achieve this year, like buying a car. Just shows that if you set your mind to things you can accomplish them! A few goals will be carried over to 2020 along with some brand new ones which I’ll post about in the new year!

This year has been absolutely amazing. We have had some amazing opportunities thanks to my blog and instagram and feel incredibly grateful. We also hit a big milestone this year with Harvey starting secondary school and myself being chosen as an Ambassador for Glossybox. I cannot wait to see what next year brings.

I hope you all have a fabulous New Years Eve, see you in the next decade!


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