Summer Days Out | Brighton Upside Down House | Review

As part of my ‘Summer Days Out’ series, I am trying to visit and review as many attractions and events as possible that you are able to do with kids. Today we took a wander along Brighton Seafront and paid a visit to the Upside Down House that arrived last month. I had heard loads about this via instagram and thought it looked pretty cool and put it on my checklist for somewhere to visit.

After a hectic few weeks and quite a bit upcoming over the next month, today was blocked out as a chill day, but once we had seen that it wasn’t actually going to piss it down today (yay!), we decided to head down to Brighton seafront for a wander and was the perfect opportunity for us to visit the Upside Down House. 

We got down there around lunchtime and I was expecting a huge queue but to my surprise there wasn’t. It costs £5 for ages 3 and over on the weekend & Bank Holidays and only £4 on weekdays. We only had Mila with us this weekend and as she was under 3 she went in for free. I’m sure everyone can figure out what an upside down house, but for those of you who don’t, basically, everything is on the ceiling as if the ceiling is the floor. It’s quite clever and it makes you feel a bit spun out once you first enter. The look of confusion on Mila’s face was hilarious, she had no clue what was going on but at the same time was mesmerised.

The downstairs is mostly just a hallway with kids toys and bedroom furniture attached to the ceiling. It also has the bathroom and Daryl thought it would be funny to hold Mila up to make it look like her head was in the toilet. Her face says it all, me on the other hand was close on wetting myself as I was in hysterics.

The main part of the attraction is upstairs, this includes an open plan of a bedroom, living room, hallway & kitchen. There’s so much creative fun to be had up here, Daryl and I were crying with laughter taking the photos and looking at them afterwards. The idea is to take the photo, then flip it upside down afterwards. 

We were in there for around 15/20 minutes and that gave us enough time to get all the photos that we needed. They only let a certain amount of people in at a time so it’s not overcrowded and everyone is mindful of not getting in the way of each others photos. We all really enjoyed it and it seemed that everyone who was also in the same time as us did too, the house was filled with laughter. I was near on crying at some of the photos we got. I’m so glad that we managed to visit and it was well worth the fiver entry. If you fancy a giggle and want some instagram worthy photos then I’d definitely recommend it. It’s a perfect addition to your trip if you are visiting Brighton and the location couldn’t be better either. It’s situated right next to the i360 and a 15 minute walk from Brighton Pier. We walked from the pier and there was so much going on along the way that although we were only in the house for a short time, we actually made a whole afternoon out of it. 

If you’re not planning on visiting Brighton then don’t worry, there are also houses at the following locations;

  • The Triangle, Bournemouth
  • Intu Lakeside, Essex
  • Adventure Wonderland, Christchurch

Harvey and Lola were super jealous when they got back this evening so I will be planning another visit with them in the holidays.

To find out more information you can visit their website here.

I’d love to hear your thoughts if you’ve been or if you’re planning to go! Let me know in the comments 🙂


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