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Hollie Cagney - Buon Appetito

A few weeks ago I received a message on Instagram from the owner of Buon Appetito inviting me for a complimentary meal at their Hove branch in support of the restaurants rebrand. I love Italian food and I LOVE discovering local family run businesses so it was arranged and I visited last Thursday.

Now, first impressions are everything and I had already fallen in love with the place before I had even eaten. The exterior looked absolutely beautiful, with two awnings with the Italian flag on draped with festoon lights. Looked amazing and a stunning background for the perfect instagram photo. The restaurant was empty when we arrived but it didn’t take long for it to fill up. The atmosphere was very chill and even though almost every table was filled, there was hardly any background noise so we were able to have a conversation and be able to hear what the other was saying.


There was so much choice on the menu. You had the choice of all the traditional Italian dishes, from Pizza to Pasta as well as Steak, Veal, Chicken, Fish & Salad. The list of starters gave so much variety too, it was so hard to choose, I wanted it all! (View the full menu here).


I can’t even tell you how good the starters were! I went for the Bruschetta Rustica, a homemade bread baked with garlic and olive oil, topped with crispy bacon and mozzarella. It was insane, thinking about it now is making me so hungry for it!

Mum had the Classica Tricolore, a stack of fresh avocado, sliced mozzarella and tomatoes which she gave a big thumbs up to.


On to the mains and it must have taken me a good 20 minutes to decide what I wanted to order. I had actually been craving Carbonara for ages prior to visiting but I also saw the Pizzas coming out so I was torn. In the end my cravings won and the Carbonara did not disappoint. There was a choice of fresh cream sauce or egg, I went for the cream sauce and it was amazing plus extreme generosity on the bacon as you can see in the photo.

Good old classic for my Mum with the Lasagne. Although the portion seemed smaller than my main, it certainly was filling.


Lastly, the mouth-watering desserts. Again, a sizeable range to choose from. I was borderline full at this point but it would have been rude not to of tried one. Had to be profiteroles for me and they were spot on. The cream was fresh and the chocolate sauce on top was rich.

Mum’s choice was an unusual one, ‘Pera al Vino Rosso’, poached pear in a red wine and cinnamon sauce. Looked amazing and according to my mum it was as good as it looked.

overall rating


Absolutely 5 out of 5 rating without a shadow of a doubt. The food was incredible and the staff were so friendly including Eugenio, the owner of the restaurant. It is a proper run family business and there is so much love that goes into the food and hospitality. As soon as I got home I messaged my friends raving about it and have said that our next girls night has to start off there. 

There are three branches of Buon Appetito, Brighton St James Street, Hove and Burgess Hill. Visit their website to see the full menu and exact locations, www.buonappetito.info. I highly recommend visiting if you live in the area or are planning a trip this way. A huge thank you to Eugenio and the rest of the team, I cannot wait to return.


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