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Living in Sussex we are never short of things to do and one of our favourite local places is Drusillas Park. I’ve been visiting here since I was a kid and Daryl and I have taken Mila every year since she was born. It had been a while since Harvey & Lola had been and we were all really excited to go especially as the new Rainforest Carousel had opened this year.

Drusillas Park - Big Deck Chair

Arriving around 10am via the new 11x bus that runs on a Sunday from Brighton, it dropped us off straight up to the gates of the park. There was no queue to get in so we were in the park super quick. The kids grabbed Animal Spotter Stamp Books and Zoolympics Record Books, both of which are available free of charge as soon as you enter, and we were ready for the day ahead. 

We started our walkthrough and all three of the kids were buzzing with excitement. Mila is finally at an age where she can point out different types of animals and I loved watching her take a real interest in them. 

Not only does Drusillas have an array of Zoo animals, they also have a Farmyard. Both the girls enjoyed milking the pretend cow as well as seeing the baby chicks. Mila led the way in stroking the sheep and was talking to them like they were babies, it was the sweetest thing.

I know I’m biased but these three really do make the cutest little sheep.

Once finished at the Farm we made our way to the Meerkats where the kids could get up close and personal by viewing them through a bubble. This was located in the centre of the enclosure and they even got lucky by having a Meerkat come right up to where they were.

We followed the Zoo Trail and collected stamps in our Animal Spotter Stamp Book for each animal that we saw. We practically had the place to ourselves on the way round, which was fab as we didn’t have to rush from animal to animal. We were really lucky that most of the animals were out and about instead of sleeping too. 

The Otters were the most playful animals we saw. They came right up close to the glass and wouldn’t leave Mila alone. They followed her along the glass and it became a game. We were all in hysterics especially Mila. She definitely made a couple of new friends.

Finally we arrived at the penguins. My absolute favourite animal. So of course we stayed for the Feeding Talk. Drusillas offers ‘Close Encounter’ experiences with a variety of their animals at an additional cost. Helping feed the penguins is one of them and it looks like an amazing experience. You can view the full list of animals included here.

As we walked through the Zoo Trail the kids participated in the Zoolympics. 11 challenges that test your skills against those of the inhabitants of the animal kingdom. Daryl and I even had a go on some of them. It’s safe to say I got the highest score in the Scream Box challenge, hitting 101 decibels. The ‘How fast can you run’ challenge in my opinion is the best one. This measures your speed against a variety of animals and definitely brings your competitive side however it was out of order on our visit.

Drusillas Zoolympics

At the end of the Zoo Trail you come out into a huge outdoor play park, complete with a water park and indoor play area. The weather was beaut when we visited so we had packed the kids swimsuits so they could run about in the water park. It was so refreshing and I . know this because Daryl thought it would be funny to pick me up and put me under one of the water fountains.

Mila Drusillas Water Park
Outdoor Play area Drusillas
One part of the Outdoor Play Area
Indoor Play area Drusillas
Indoor Play Area

It didn’t take long for the kids to dry off and we headed for the final part of the park. The first stop being the Safari Express. As it wasn’t busy, we walked straight on (and rode it more than once). The train takes you all the way round the park and gives you a much better view of some of the animals. The Camels were almost in touching distance and 100% played up to the camera as we went passed by posing.

Camel Posing Drusillas Park

Towards the end of the park you are greeted with two mini themed ride areas. The first being Hello Kitty’s Secret Garden, which is home to Hello Kitty’s House as well as three rides;

  • Hello Kitty Hopper Ride
  • Hello Kitty Car Ride
  • Hello Kitty Teacups
Hello Kitty House
Drusillas Hello Kitty Cars
Drusillas Hello Kitty Cars

And Go Safari which contains;

  • The Hippopotobus
  • Flying Cheetahs
  • Eden’s Eye Maze (Currently undergoing maintenance) 
Drusillas Jungle Bus
Go Safari at Drusillas

Last but not least, Drusillas newest ride for 2019, the Rainforest Carousel. So beautifully designed and has over 30 animals to choose from to ride. The kids loved this one and went on a couple of times as they were so indecisive about choosing which animal to go on. It really is a lovely new addition to the park.

Drusillas Rainforest Carousel
Rainforest Carousel
Rainforest Carousel
Rainforest Carousel

It is such a brilliant day out and features a variety of activities throughout. My favourite of them all has to be the Zoolympics. It’s fun, gets everyone involved and brings out a lot of laughter. Drusillas is always a pleasure to visit and is a bonus that it’s pretty much on our doorstep. If you are planning a visit be sure to check out their events page as they often have character meet and greets.

You can check out the best bits of our day over on our instagram page under the ‘Days Out’ highlight.

We’ll be back again before the year is out I’m sure of it 🙂

Drusillas Park

To plan your visit and book tickets, visit

Mila through the years at Drusillas


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