New Year, Same Me

It’s a new year and for the first time in years I feel hopeful of the year ahead and am so excited of what 2019 will bring! Now i’m not one for New Years resolutions but I have decided to set some 2019 goals. Some quite ambitious and that I may need to come into a few extra bucks for and some just to improve myself and my wellbeing. Nevertheless, they are my aims for the year and will hopefully keep me motivated to have my best year yet!

Lose weight – standard resolution I know, but I’m determined to get back on it this year. I lost 2 stone last year on Weight Watchers and then hit a wall and lost interest. I’d dropped two dress sizes so was happy enough although not where I wanted to be. I decided to switch things up a bit and join Slimming World last October but again quickly lost interest with Christmas approaching BUT I’ve found some really good Slimming World instagram pages to follow and the food they post looks unreal so going to start again doing it from home. Fingers crossed it’s the third time lucky.

Blog more – I started this blog back in October and have only done two posts! My aim this year is to create more content. I’ve always loved to write and I have a huge list of stuff I want to write about on here so I’m going to make a conscious effort to try and sit down at my laptop once a week and write. 

Read more – another thing I love to do and haven’t done in almost a year!  I’m going to blame that on the fact that my kindle broke and I never got round to replacing it. My nan let me borrow hers but it has just been sitting in my drawer gathering dust. I have this evening put it on charge though. I signed up to Amazon Prime Free Trial a few days before Christmas (to take advantage of the free next day delivery) and have just discovered you can download loads of free books as a Prime member! Might treat myself to a new kindle too as well as sticking with Prime, unleash my inner book worm again.

Adventure – I want to get out more with the kids to museums, unique events, discover new places etc. I feel that I do the same things with them all the time and it’s becoming a bore not just for me but for them as well. I want this year to be full of fun. I’m keeping my eyes and ears open for any fun, cool and unusual events that we can check out.

Build my business – I’m hoping this is the year mine and my sister’s clothing business infinityKids takes off. We’ve had such an amazing first 9 months and I get such a buzz from creating new designs and seeing my ideas come to life. The goal is to leave my job and go full time self employed but I know we’ve got a long way to go until that can happen, so in the meantime I want to focus  on continuing building our brand and make this year for infinityKids better than the last.

Buy a car – I’m getting so fed up not having a car now and I want this year to be the year I pull my finger out and get one, or at least save a big chunk of money towards one. I’ve not had a car since before Mila was born and it’s not really bothered me, but i’m now finding it increasingly frustrating not having one. So many places I want to take the kids without having to travel 2/3 hours on public transport  for what would be a 45 minute journey in a car! Also lugging my laptop and parcels to and from my mums after completing infinityKids orders is really starting to get on my tits.. made even worse when its raining!

Family holiday abroad – like I said at the beginning of this post, some of my goals I need to rob a small bank for, but the kids have never been on a summer holiday abroad. We’ve done Disneyland Paris twice and if I could get my own way with Daryl I’d book again, but now Harvey and Lola are over the age of 7 the price it would cost us to go would be the same as an all inclusive holiday abroad. I have proper mum guilt that they’ve not had a proper holiday but hopefully we will one day all go away together before they get too much older (this goal might be carried over a few more years before it happens though haha).

And finally.. just to be happy. That is my most important goal of 2019. My mental health took an absolute battering last year and I feel my mind and body are slowly starting to repair itself. If I can achieve only one goal this year let it be this one.

I hope you all have had a fabulous start to the year, and if not then remember it can only get better! I’d love to know your number one goal for the year! Let me know in the comments below.





  1. January 26, 2019 / 04:20

    These are some awesome goals for 2019! ….I look forward to checking back to see your progress. Like you, I have made some goals for myself as well. I feel that I am on the right track, because I wrote them down, read them every other day. And I have made a commitment to be consistent!

    • holliecagney
      January 29, 2019 / 21:51

      That’s such a good idea! Think I might write them down somewhere I can see them everyday to keep me motivated! Xx

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