Hangrees – The Pooping Slime Toy | Review

I am not a fan of slime and to be honest it’s been banned from my house but when we were offered to review Hangrees I had to make an exception. They are based on classic characters combined with a fun food box based on popular brands.

*Please note, the recommended age is 8+, Mila was supervised by myself and had assistance from her sister Lola who is 8 but didn’t want to be pictured*


What are Hangrees?


Hangrees is a toy that poops slime. We were sent Mutant Turds and the girls were in hysterics especially when they saw that the accessory it came with was called ‘Poo-ringles’.

Hangrees Mutant Turds

Each toy includes:

  • Character
  • Fun Food Pot
  • Slime Mix
  • Slime Texture
  • Toilet

What do you do?

First you fill up your little toilet with warm water and put to the side. Then get your food pot and pour in the slime mix.

MGA Hangrees

Then you need to add your slime texture. Each character comes with something different. Our Mutant Turd came with green glitter.

Hangrees Slime

Pop the lid on the food pot and give it a good old shake. Open up you character and pour in the water from the little toilet and then pop in your shaken slime mix.


Once it’s all in together, close it up and shake it all together for one minute. Once you’ve done that, your Hangree is read to sit on the toilet. The best way to get it to stay is by lifting the left leg. Once it’s on there, lift up the right leg and watch it poop out the slime.

Hangrees Poop Slime
Hangree Pooping

The laughter that came from the girls was contagious. They both had tears streaming down their face. Once you Hangree has pooped, just leave the slime mix to set for 10-15 minutes. You’ll then be left with a toilet full of slime.

Hangree Final Slime

Lifewithytrio rating


The girls loved creating the slime and it was fun doing it in an unconventional way. It didn’t make too much of a mess either which is what I was worried about, although I would suggest placing it on something whilst you make it so that it’s easy to clear up any little bits.

There are loads more fun characters to collect and are £9.99. Purchase your very own Hangree here. I’ll be grabbing one for Harvey for Christmas as I know he’ll find it hilarious to make just like the girls did.

Check out The Toy Box for more toy reviews.

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