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How often are you asked by your kids if they can play with your hair? I know mine are constantly asking if they can style my hair and when I was younger I was the same with my mum and sister.

So being asked to review the new I’m a Stylist Styling Head by I’m a Girly was a no brainer and fits in perfect with my The Toy Box series, giving you the prefect kids Christmas gift ideas. Even better was that the name of the styling head is Lola! A Lola for my Lola.

This is the second I’m a Stylist product in the range, with the first, Lucy, being launched back in April 2019. These have both been created by KIDS4KIDS, which is a panel of 9-14 year old boys and girls so you know that the real experts have been on the case with this.

What is I'm A Stylist?

I'm a Stylist - Lola

The I’m a Stylist ‘Lola’ is a styling head and is the second product in the I’m a Stylist range from I’m a Girly. The quality is amazing, and both Lola and I couldn’t believe how realistic she looked. The styling head comes with everything you need and at 33cm high, it is marginally bigger than ay other styling head on the market!

Main product includes:

  • Styling Head
  • Purple Wig
  • 1 set of magnetic eyelashes
  • 2 face gem packs
  • Hair accessories (clips and hair ties)
  • 1 set of earrings
  • Mirror sheet
As well as the styling head we also received additional accessories, a blue wig, pink brush and another pack of face gems. All of these are available to purchase online too!

There are suction cups on the base of the Lola styling head which makes for easier styling as it sticks to the surface and doesn’t move about. We removed the second wig from the packaging and hung it on the easy to build wig holder it came with. The wigs are silky smooth and feel so soft to touch making it an easy process to brush through without getting knotty. Lola even commented that it felt so much better than other styling heads we had before, the hair is quite thick so there’s plenty there to work with.

Lola with Styling Head and wig

What do you do?

Become the ultimate stylist of course! Straight away Lola changed the purple wig over to the blue. The inside of the wig has a fixated elastic drawstring which fits into the groove of the head perfectly also making it secure so that the wig doesn’t slip off whilst styling.

I'm a Stylist Lola - no wig

Lola started by brushing the hair and tested out a few hair styles, not once did the wig come loose either which was brilliant.

I'm a Stylist - Lola doing hair

The final hair style that Lola settled on was a half up, half down style using one of the hair ties that was included in the box.

Lola styling head

Now that the hair style was complete, it was time to add the lashes. These again, were so easy to apply as they are magnetic ones so attach in seconds.

Before eyelashes
I'm a Stylist Lola.- with eyelashes
With eyelashes on

The choice next of which face gems to use was a tough decision. Lola went with pink to match styling head Lola’s sparkly top.

Attaching face gems - I'm a Stylist

What’s great about the gems is that they are suitable for children too, so they can twin with their styling head.

Lola and Lola - I'm a Stylist

Some other cool factors with the styling head is that you are able to apply make up to the face, such as eyeshadow, blusher etc. I’m a Girly doesn’t provide make up but you can use any powder based products that you may have at home plus the top is removable so it doesn’t get dirty. The wigs can also be cut as well as styled which allows your child’s creative side to shine through.

Lifewithytrio rating

Creating look with Lola I'm a Stylist

Lola had hours of fun with the I’m a Stylist styling head and the possibilities are endless. She’s even been youtubing hair tutorials and practising them on the Lola styling head. Hopefully she’ll be able to do my hair soon 😉 

The I’m a Stylist Lola styling head will make the perfect Christmas gift for any boy or girl and will inspire their creativity to flow.

Purchase in time for Christmas via their website www.imagirly.com/uk or at Hamleys on Regent Street, London. 

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