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In the little life of Mila I don’t think there is anyone or anything that can trump the Queen of children’s television, Peppa Pig. So imagine her reaction when we were kindly gifted tickets to Paultons Park which is home to Peppa Pig World. Her excitement was through the roof and watching her face take it all in was magical, made even better by the fact that they just so happened to have a Ben & Holly event on too – double whammy!

We headed straight for Peppa Pig World once we arrived and pretty much everyone else had the same idea. It was jam packed but the atmosphere was enchanting. It really did take you into the world of Peppa, full of colour and happiness. Mila didn’t know where to look or go first. I downloaded the Paultons Park app, as I have done previously with these family theme parks, so that we could monitor the queue times to get the most out of our day. Most of the rides in Peppa Pig World were 15-45 mins long, we headed for Grandpa Pig’s Boat Trip as this had the shortest queue time. The queue did go pretty quick and was great because all three of us could go on it together. After this we decided that we would explore the rest of Paultons Park and come back to Peppa Pig World later on after lunch in the hope it would have quietened down.

Most of the rides outside of Peppa Pig World had a 0-15 min wait time which was brilliant and there’s a huge selection of rides to choose from too. Mila was just under 1m so just missed out on the bigger rides which she wasn’t best pleased about as she would have gone on them all if she could. We spent the majority of the morning in The Lost Kingdom, which is Dinosaur themed (another thing Mila is obsessed with). We walked straight onto most of the rides in The Lost Kingdom, Dino Chase was one of them, which is a mini rollercoaster aimed for younger children under 1m, Mila had her arms in the air the whole way round making everyone around her chuckle. The Dinosaur Tour Co. was another favourite of Mila’s, you sit in a jeep and go round spotting all the dinosaurs whilst listening to a funny tour guide through the speakers. The dinosaurs moved and roared and Mila genuinely thought they were real and she loved it.

Once we came off the ride we saw people gathered round a caged area, once we got closer we saw that there was a Dinosaur Talk going on with a Dinosaur in with the keeper. The keeper talked about the dinosaur and got all the kids involved in helping her to shout STOP! when the dinosaur came running out. The interaction was brilliant and Mila couldn’t take her eyes off the dinosaur who was running around. Very different to entertainment we’ve seen before and was a winner with Mila.

There were a few other rides that Mila could go on which she enjoyed, one of which was the Raging River Log Flume. Mila laughed her head off all the way down BOTH drops and found it hilarious that we all got wet. It was a bonus that the queue time was minimal so we got to ride this one twice. There are also two other parts to the Park ‘Critters Creek’ and ‘Lost Africa’ which include an array of birds and animals as well as huge amounts of grass area that is perfect for picnics or letting your little ones run about as well as a beautiful Japanese garden. Our favourite part of the animals were the penguins and we were lucky to get right at the front for the penguin feeding talk. We were situated at one of the windows where we could see the fish being thrown in and the penguins diving in to retrieve them. One penguin came right up close to the window, Mila was in awe of them. 

After wandering round the park, jumping on rides as and when we passed them, we decided to grab some lunch. We usually take picnics with us when we visit places like this but hadn’t had a chance to pack one this time. The map we were given at the start showed all the different places to eat and we decided to head back to The Lost Kingdom to ‘Base Camp’ as we fancied chicken and it looked amazing! Prices were steep, I think it was just over £8 per adult meal and £5-6 for a child’s meal, but it’s to be expected. I’ll tell you what though, it was bloody lovely. Mila had chicken nuggets, I went for the spicy chicken strips with a sweet chilli dip and Daryl had Chicken Skewers with a Peri Peri sauce, both mine and Mila’s meals had an extremely generous amount of wedges and Daryl’s came with rice. All meals included drinks too. It was nice to have something different than your standard burger or pizza, but there are other food places around the park that serve different kinds of food as well as sandwiches, crisps etc.

After we had finished eating we headed to the Ben and Holly meet and greet. This was on all day and when we had first attempted to meet them the queue was ridiculously long and there was no way that Mila would have waited in it without having a meltdown. Luckily, when we arrived back there wasn’t a long wait at all. Mila was completely amazed when it was finally her turn to meet them. She walked straight up to them, no bother at all, and gave them both a huge hug and happily held their hands ready for her photo.

By now it was around 2pm, and the queues in Peppa Pig World had almost halved so we headed back over there where we spent the remainder of the day. The Queen’s Flying Coach Ride had been at around 45/50 min queue time pretty much all day so we were so glad that we had held off queuing as once se went back after lunch it was only 10 mins. You got to see the whole of Peppa Pig World on the ride too, Mila was pointing out the next rides she wanted to go on as well as waving to everyone down below.

Other rides we went on were George’s Dinosaur Adventure, Windy Castle, which I thought was the most fun one as you are in control of it spinning similar to the tea cups and you go up in the air, plus it seemed like you were on it for ages. Grampy Rabbit’s Sailing Club is the last ride we went on in Peppa Pig World and whilst we were on it, Mila looked at us both and said ‘does this go any faster’.. haha.

We ended the day meeting Peppa & George, which was the cherry on top for an amazing day. Just like with Ben & Holly earlier in the day, Mila was in her element. The excitement on her face is something I will treasure forever.  

Paultons Park is the most inclusive theme park that I have been too. It has come on so much since I first visited 6 years ago and now boasts over 70 rides as well as an indoor play area and a Muddy Puddles themed water area (don’t forget towels and a change of clothes/swimwear if you’re visiting in the warmer months)! There really is something for everyone and I can see why it has been voted the UK’s number one family theme park. Mila has been asking to go back everyday since we visited and I know that Harvey and Lola would love it too. They’re currently building a new part of the park ‘Tornado Springs’ which opens next year and I can’t wait to see what that brings. We will definitely be back next year to check it out once it’s open.

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  1. July 2, 2019 / 19:08

    Thanks for sharing your experience! We live fairly close to Paultons Park but have never really considered taking our little boy there – might consider it now as it sounds like a great day out!

    Hayley |

    • holliecagney
      July 2, 2019 / 19:42

      It was much better than I had expected. We can’t wait to go back 🖤

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