Pop Pop Hair Surprise | Review

We love a blind bag surprise toy, especially ones with a difference and Pop Pop Hair Surprise is exactly that. With 25 different characters to collect and each one containing 5 multi-functional surprises, you can be assured that your little one won’t get bored after 5 minutes.

What is Pop Pop Hair Surprise?

Pop Pop Hair Surprise

Pop Pop Hair Surprise is a 3-in-1 surprise that’s just waiting to POP. All the surprises are stored in a Pop Hair Brush which can actually be used as a handy hairbrush and the handle comes off to reveal a spray bottle. Inside the brush there is a fabric covered ball and a small plastic surprise bag.

Pop Pop Hair Surprise and contents

Each toy includes:

  • Pop Brush
  • Spray Bottle
  • Pop Roller
  • Pop Hair Pet
  • Hair Accessories (Clips & Bobbles)

What do you do?

Open up the plastic bag to reveal clips and bobbles. Keep these safe as you’ll need these soon!

Lola unboxing Pop Pop Hair Surprise

Next, you’ll need to fill up the spray bottle which doubles up as the handle on the hair brush, as this is the key tool in opening up the fabric ball. 

Lola unboxing Pop Pop Hair Surprise_2

Spray the water onto the fabric until you hear a POP..your Pop roller will then be revealed. Unravel the colourful hair to find your Pop Pet.

Use your Pop brush to brush your pets hair and then you can style it using your hair accessories. Lola plaited her pets hair and it also came with some cute snazzy sunglasses.

Pop Pop Hair Surprise_3
Pet Hair Surprise

But wait, the Pop pet has other cool ways to be used as well! It can be used as a pencil topper and it has a hairband attached to it so you can use it in your hair too! 

Lola and Pet Hair Surprise

Lifewithytrio rating


Lola was really impressed with the Pop Pop Hair Surprise and loved that it has multiple uses. She’s put the brush in her school bag to use as well as using the Pop pet as a pencil topper. She says she now has the best pencil in her class!

Pop Pop Hair Surprise retails at £9.99 however I’ve found them on offer at Very for only £7.99. Great stocking fillers as well as cute gifts for any parties your kids have coming up.

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